Welcome to the fruitweb

Since 2008 the fruitweb GmbH offers customized pest forecasting and frost warning systems for orchards. The operation-related data help to optimize the cultivation and to establish a eco-friendly pest management. The basis for the forecasts are weather data, which are obtained from local weather stations and weather forecasts. Currently, over 300 fruit growers in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Austria and the Czech Republic are using the fruitweb services.

Video Tutorials

Our first video tutorial is now online (in German). The video introduces the fruitweb scab model. The following topics will be mentioned:

  • Basics of the model
  • Biofix: the starting point of the model
  • Detailed explanation of the graph of the fruitweb Asco model
  • How to integrate the Meteoblue and the Yr.no weather forecast
  • How to edit the weather forecasts

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